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Meet Grant Bucher

Grant Bucher is a husband, father, builder, and servant of Jesus Christ.

Grant was born and raised in Wells County, married an Adams County girl, Melinda, began working in Allen County, and currently resides in Steuben County. Traveling for work, Grant and Melinda lived in California where their son, Grayson, was born and in Michigan where their son, Gentry, joined the family!

Grant earned his Engineering degree from Purdue and MBA from Indiana. He worked for Shambaugh & Son for over a decade and now works at Weigand Construction managing projects in Steuben and at Hillsdale College. 

Through his role in the construction industry, Grant has had the opportunity to work in facilities across northeast Indiana, many of which are likely familiar to you!

Grant had every intention to spend his career in the construction industry solving problems and building for the future, however, the current climate of our nation convicted him to shift his focus from leading in construction to serving in Congress. Standing on principles of Truth, Accountability, and Unity, Grant is inspired to represent Northeast Indiana in DC as a voice for strengthening our nation militarily, economically, and in our families.

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Grant Bucher Portrait

My Biggest Supporters

Gentry (4) is a genuine lover of people. He will wave enthusiastically to everyone he crosses paths with, talk your ear off when you engage him one on one, invite you to play outside, and push boundaries just because they need challenged!

Grayson (6) is a sharp-minded and confident little man. He loves adventure, has an insatiable desire for coloring, enjoys soccer and golf, and can often be found reading a book. Grayson is homeschooled by the best teacher in the business!

Melinda is my hero. She manages our hectic schedule, homeschools our boys, works on her business part-time, and does a zillion other things to keep our home thriving, all while loving and serving us well. Melinda enjoys working out with her friends, a good glass of wine, traveling, and making life beautiful.

Grant (that's me)! I am so blessed to be entrusted with the family God has given me. I love people, building, and going on adventures. This year I dove into the world of triathlons, adding to my short list of hobbies--eating good food and sipping a new whiskey.

What My Supporters Have to Say
“Grant is a superb young man who manages projects for a construction firm we use often at the college. I have come to know and admire him through this work, and I have confidence that he is man of high character."
Larry A., Hillsdale College

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