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The Issues

It is my firm belief that "The Issue" facing us today is the product of a nation straying from the Truth about God’s greatness and mankind’s brokenness.


All of us have worshipped created over creator. As such, our collective society has lost its concept of right & wrong, morality, and good old-fashioned common sense. This core misstep has led to the other issues (or symptoms) facing our families, communities, state, and nation. On these symptomatic issues, I am conservative. I approach more liberal opinions with humble consideration and civil disagreement.

Where I Stand on the Issues

Biblical / Common Sense / Integrity & Virtue
For Elected & Non-Elected Government
For Strength / Without Compromising Principle
No Exceptions / With Love Towards Babies & Parents
Energy Independence / Made Here / Main Street
"The Guide Which I Will Never Abandon"
Hoosiers Decide What is Best for Hoosiers
Honor the Men & Women Who Serve Us
But Legally / With Assimilation
In Case Our Government Forgets the Others

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What My Supporters Have to Say
“Grant has an admirable work ethic, a strong desire to make the best choices, and finish strong.

His decision to venture into the political arena is so unlike him, because he does not fit in, but it is so like him, because he is bold and courageous, open to being used by God, to STAND for TRUTH, honor the Bible, and change America … one life at a time."
Angie A., Allen County

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For Congress

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